Horary: What’s wrong with Sally?

What’s wrong with Sally?

Having spent the day with a friend of mine I became concerned for her well being. She seemed very nervous and stressed, to the point where I was compelled to ask a horary. At the time of asking I was not aware of her medical history.

On June 22, 2006 at 5:51 PM in Melbourne Australia (AEST –10:00) I asked the question: “What’s wrong with Sally?”. Seeing as Sally is my friend I gave her the 11th house therefore Venus signifies her, appropriately as she is a young, blond Venus like woman. Because this is a medical horary I would also use the Moon as representing her body.

What\'s wrong with sally?

Looking at Venus we see that she is in Taurus, at first this looks pretty good as this is the sign of her rulership. But on closer inspection we see that Venus in an oriental position to the sun and is therefore sanguine; hot and moist, but she is in the melancholic; cold & dry sign of Taurus. This is a positive indication that she is seriously out of sorts. Moon is exalted in Taurus and disposited by Venus. Both are strongly essentially dignified which is a good sign that she will survive this ailment.

To understand what afflicts Venus (Sally) we need to find which planet is causing her problems. She rules herself, with Moon holding the exaltation and triplicity over her. Moon represents the body and it’s last aspect was a square to Mars (in Leo). Venus has been chasing an applying sextile to Mercury, but this will not perfect. Venus and Mars represent the disease, both are in fixed signs indicating that this is a chronic long term condition.

Venus in her own sign, her “first house” is an indication that what afflicts her is located in her head. (Venus at 27 Taurus = disease of thick melancholy and thin phlegm. Causing pain to the head.) Venus is chasing Mercury in Cancer, and though she will never perfect, being within orb indicates that the eyes maybe afflicted. This would be a secondary reaction rather then a primary cause of the illness. Mars also indicates the head and in Leo indicates a lot of heat, fever. (Mars 11 Leo = Causes headaches and too much blood.)

All this is supported by the ruler of the turned sixth house (6th from the 11th = 4th with Pisces on the cusp) Jupiter as the indicator of her illness being in her 1st house, the head again. Jupiter is retrograde, this is a recurring problem and is fixed so long term as opposed to acute. Jupiter is being received and squares Mars adding support to Mars’s involvement with the situation. He is also in partile square to Saturn in detriment. Both of these planets are in her 10th house indicating the involvement of the work sector in this problem.

There is no perfecting aspect between Venus and either the radical or turned Lord of the eighth (death). She (Venus) is essentially stronger then the Lord of her disease Jupiter more indication that she will not die of this condition.

I judged Sally to be suffering from a problem of too much heat or blood to her head, a recurring disease that possibly affected her eyes as well. She is stronger then the disease and therefore will survive the ailment. The disease is caused by her (Venus) with an involvement of Mercury, so too much stressful thinking. With the connection to Saturn/Mars in the 10th the stress may have been brought on by work.

Venus is at 27 Taurus 59, she will move into Gemini (a hot moist sign, like herself) in just over 2 degree. Being in a fixed sign I judged that she would recover from her illness in just over 2 months when she (Venus) would move into a more congenial sign.

The outcome:

Sally suffered from bleeding in the brain. This was a recurring condition from which she first suffered 5 years previously, and is a weakness in the actual brain itself. The flair up of the problem first makes itself known by affecting her eyes and with fuzzy headaches. This current bout was brought on by too much stress at work. She lost her job in a very underhanded manner. The only treatment is rest and avoiding stress. She began to recover after about 2 months in late Aug 2006.

It was later discovered that her stress level was also affected by a hormonal imbalance. I wondered whether this could be related to Venus thing.

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