Natal analysis: Michael Moore

Michael Moore has produced some of the most successful feature film documentaries ever made which have changed the art of documentary film making forever. Editorially he shamelessly presents the world his opinions disregarding the usual pretense of impartiality that is conventionally associated with the reporting of current affair issues.

This is a man who has created strong and divided reaction and who continues to express his strongly critical views of western political, social and business morals despite conservative backlash. He appears to do so as a means of awakening the people to the corruption and hypocrisy of the powers that be.

From a classical perspective his astrological chart clearly shows us the motivation and ability required for him to achieve what he has done so far. This is a diurnal chart with the leading light high on the MC and two out of the four planets in sect, Mercury and Jupiter given prominence by their fortunate condition of hayz; being in sect, over the horizon and in a diurnal sign. Giving them both more ability to be of service to the native

Temperamentally, Michael Moore is a predominately dry, choleric/melancholic individual with more heat then cold. This makes him very contained and sure of himself, not easily influenced by others. The heat in his nature propels him out into the world. His natal Sun, ruler of his ascendant, sanguine in nature (a seasonal spring Sun) but in a melancholic sign, positioned on the MC supports this natural inclination. The coldness exists in his Moon that is melancholic by sign and cycle and ruled by a melancholic planet, it is the private, reflective and more intimate part of him that is most able to focus inwardly.

The significator of his manner, the planet through which he will most easily express his nature is Mars in Capricorn partile conjunct his Moon and ruling his Mercury. This is the planet of action and is always willing to fight for a cause. Here Mars is in exalted dignity with rulership over Saturn, Mercury, the ninth and fourth houses as well as receiving the Moon into his exaltation.

Choleric Mars adds more heat and dryness to his nature. Exalted Mars is in mutual reception with his dispositor Saturn in Scorpio receiving each other into their rulership. Saturn on the IC may bode well for his ability to bring structure and discipline into his life, but it also shows us that at the root of Michael’s character maybe a fundamental fear or sense of lack. This insecurity is amplified by Saturn’s mixed mutual reception with the Moon receiving Saturn into his fall. Saturn befriends the afflicted Moon only to find that she brings him trouble.

His detrimented Moon rules his twelfth house and exalts his tenth. Secret enemies may be perceived everywhere out in the world but with Mars on his side he is motivated and able to take action in order to purge the power structures that be of their corruption. Moon/Mars are in partile trine to the Sun and sextile Saturn at the IC. The Sun opposition to Saturn clearly shows us how Moore will expose those at the top by shedding light on the secretive and hypocritical nature of their underground dealings, symbolically illustrated by Saturn low in Scorpio.

To help him fight Mars will enlist the help of Mercury in Aries in the ninth house of beliefs and philosophy as well as the house signifying publishing, to get the word out. The tone of his word will reflect the choleric nature of Mercury’s sign placement and the importance of his message can be deduced by Mercury’s position on the bends of the Nodes which are exactly conjunct the sixth/twelfth house cusp, revealing secrets and the disease of society; corruption.

Mercury reigns over Jupiter who though in detriment is placed in the house of his joy and like Mercury is in Hayze (being in sect in a diurnal chart, over the horizon and in a diurnal sign) this gives both more ability to be of service to the native. No one could accuse Michael Moore of acting insignificantly and Jupiter is well used in communicating his message on a grand scale. As ruler of his 5th house of creative endeavours it seems appropriate that Moore has chosen the medium of film, entertainment as well as writing to get his message across. Mercury’s reception by Mars ensures that the message comes across forcefully and with absolute conviction.

As the ruler of his second house Mercury indicates that Michael’s money will come from the ninth house realm which encompasses inspired thought, beliefs, philosophy, intellectual and spiritual quest as well as the more mundane publishing, foreign affairs and long distance and international communication. Though Mercury is peregrin (having no essential dignity) and cadent he is disposited by the Sun in whose exaltation and triplicity he finds himself.

As ruler of his ASC the Sun sits prominently on his MC. Unlike many filmmakers or authors Michael Moore is not a behind-the-scenes man. He does not shy away from the limelight, appearing in his own films, bullishly confronting his targets (Mars is in partile trine). Both Sun and MC are ruled by Venus strongly positioned in the tenth house, in her own sign of Taurus indicating that his career life will be successful and of a creative nature.

His Prime Motivator (the ASC ruler in the best position to take the lead) is a toss up between his Sun conjunct the MC and Venus in the 10th in Taurus. Though Venus only has authority over the ASC by term she is in better essential condition so most likely to take the lead. His main motivation will be his career and communication as Venus also rules his third house. Sun conjunct the MC shows us the importance of shining and together with Venus who conveniently receives the Sun into her rulership, we can see a brilliant career promised.

Venus is associated with creative endeavours and here so highly dignified in earthy Taurus making her ability to bring into manifestation, ideas from the world of the abstract. Michael’s chosen medium is film, a predominantly visual one. Venus is receiving the Sun (the vision) which is informed by Mars/Moon and kept in check by her Saturn opposition. His ability to communicate clearly is helped by Mercury’s reception of Jupiter. S

Venus is within minutes of the antiscia square (6 Leo 20) to Saturn and the MC/IC axis. Jupiter is also within an antiscia trine (6 Cancer 06) to Saturn and IC, adding further motivation for exposing the covert operations of those whose authority underpins society.

The Outers adding their bit to the Story

Positioned in the 3rd house of communication and under Venus’s rule, Neptune contributes his modern association with cinema to the career combination seen in Michael’s chart. Likewise Pluto closely squares Venus from the first house bringing passion and obsession to the professional expression of Venus. The plutonic influence is re-emphasised by Pluto’s close antiscia to the MC. Finally, Uranus is in the 12th house with the South Node, helping to expose the hidden enemies and manure of society. His involvement with the Nodal and Mercury T-square adds an element of the unexpected to his method.

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