Astrology and Flower Essences


Each of us possesses a totally unique natal horoscope which is our personal map to our soul’s journey in this incarnation. Inherent within this map of our psyche is our past, our present and our future. Like all maps it shows you where you are and where you want to go. It shows you the various roads you could take to get to your destination. It may also show you the detours or side trips you may choose to make and indicate some of the things you may encounter along the way, but what the map does not and can not show you is how you will experience your journey.


When you look at your astrological natal chart, your personal map, you see a mandala of symbols, which is in fact an imagined snapshot of the cosmos from the particular point in time and space. Your natal chart illustrates the unique facet of cosmic intelligence that is imprinted on your body, soul and psyche as you inhaled your first breath. Each planet in the chart represents an aspect or core urge of your psyche. The zodiac signs the planets are in represent how you express those urges. The study of your chart can tell you where you are likely to go out of balance and fall into dis-ease and how you can reharmonise your life in order to regain health.


What are Flower Essences?


Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicines that bring together the four elemental building blocks of life: earth, water, fire and air. They are made from the flowers of plants bound to the earth, releasing oxygen into the air, fed by the fire of the Sun and the water of the atmosphere. Flowers are the ultimate and most creative expression of a plant and carry the positive patterns of conscious living energy of that plant. These patterns are captured in a liquid medium, water and potensized by the Sun. They derive their beneficial powers from the inherent life force within the plant and convey its distinct imprint or etheric pattern.


Flower essences address directly the subtle realm of the human psyche where thoughts and feeling emanate. They are one of the few direct methods of therapy that directly work of the soul. Flower essences connect us directly with the balancing wisdom of nature, the same balancing wisdom of the soul.


When you contemplate a flower, you see its physical composition; experience its scent and beauty that may trigger a feeling or sense of knowing within you. This is when you are connecting on the level of creation, because the same energy that runs through you, runs through that flower. All life is in constant motion looking for balance. There maybe something about your unique connection to that energy that vibrates in synch or in sympathy with that particular flower.





How are Astrology and Flower Essences related?


Astrology is a symbolic language that describes a living energy pattern, which is manifested in the bodies and movement of our Solar System (star system). This living energy permeates everything in our universe; it is the living force, the creator’s will, the quintessence, God consciousness, Divine law. It is called many names and has been recognized by mystics throughout the ages. It is that which binds the Universe and connects all things seen and unseen.


All roads lead to this mysterious and all encompassing power. Everything in the Universe is a reflection of this living force that is constant and yet never expresses the same way. The patterns in the sand, the shape, colour and growing habits of plants, the movement of the planets, the cycles of life and the human psyche as well as the symbols and archetypes we have conjured. Our creative power comes from the same source as that of the Creator.


An oak tree is composed of thousands of leaves each carrying the basic form we recognize as oak-leave. Yet no two oak leaves are the same, each is a unique expression of oak-leaf, which in turn is an expression of oak tree, of vegetation, of earth, of solar system, of universe, and so on till we get back to the Divine source.


Similarly, each human being is a unique expression of the Divine life force. This is evident in our physical form, as well as our relationships, experiences, thoughts, emotions, imagination and dream life. This is what can be seen and reflected back to us in our astrological birth chart. The symbols held within a chart are powerful expressions of life energies to which we are personally influenced and connected.


Like with the oak-leaf, all astrological charts have recognizable similarities: the same planets, signs and house will appear, yet no two will be exactly the same. And because we exist on multi-levels the combination of influences shown in the natal chart is endless.


The chart, as a representation of our unique connection to the living force, works whether we are aware of it or not. We are like small and yet infinitely complex cogs in a larger wheel. The cycles continue to move and influence us; it is only our personal ego that stays unaware of the part the bigger picture plays in our life.


By working with astrology we gain an awareness of the energies with which we are personally made and connected to. A conscious knowing enables us to avoid certain ego tendencies or at least lessen their hold over us. But we exist on many levels, most being unconscious. Flower essences can come to the rescue as they function on that purely energetic level there is no need for the thinking mind to be involved.


Living with certain plants will also gives us a harmonizing boost of which we may never be aware. Like astrology, plants work with or without our conscious awareness and like astrology they are in a constant state of motion, through their growth and death cycles. This is why different essences are needed at different times. Flower essences work whether we are aware of them or not, but we empower both flower essences and astrology by choosing to consciously work with them.

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