The Modern Planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and their related Essences


Uranus is the first of the so-called transpersonal planets. After escaping the boundaries of Saturn we encounter the chaos of Uranus, the great awakener. His role is to awaken us to the greater reality of human consciousness by shattering the old reality. Uranus is associated with eccentricity and all avant-garde, revolutionary thoughts and ideas.


A Uranus experience can be likened to looking at life through glass; there is always a sense of separation and being different. The unexpected and shattering appearance of Uranus in ones life can be liken to the sound of shattering glass energetically cutting through like a sword.


None of the outer planets can ever be said to be in balance, for their role is to throw us off balance in order that we see the ego illusion for what it is; that which keeps us from fulfilling our true purpose and knowing who we are. There is one disharmonious state that has an association with Uranus and that is the sense of being a stranger in the world, of not belonging, of finding yourself alienated from the rest of society.


Shooting Star (Dodecatheon hendersonii) is a very Uranian essence. It is for those who feel profoundly alienated from their bodies, family and the rest of society. These people often feel that they are not from planet earth. Shooting Star helps them to overcome their sense of alienation and to perceive the purpose of their incarnation in human form. This essence gives the ability to find earthly connection and to be warmed by the caring for all that is human and earthly.



The next planet to challenge us out of material complacency is Neptune who is associated with illusion. While Uranus may suddenly shatter our reality Neptune almost imperceptibly dissolves it. A Neptunian experience can be almost impossible to describe as it has dreamlike quality. Neptune can inspire deep within us the sense of divinity and our connection with God, urging us towards mystical experiences.

As such it takes us out of ourselves, dissolving the boundaries that define our identity so that we are no longer sure where we end and the world begins. There is something very seductive yet dangerously deceptive about Neptune. This is clearly illustrated in the stories of those who slipped into the realm of the faeries, only to return years later without any awareness of how long they were gone. This powerful Neptunian pull to transcend earthly bounds can lead to substance abuse and addiction.


Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is a profoundly powerful essence that primarily works to balance the crown chakra with the other energy centres particularly the heart. It helps to harmonise and integrate higher consciousness and spirituality with the rest of the being. Lotus can help an individual expand their spirituality in an equitable manner. Lotus is very useful in helping those who tend towards spiritually arrogant, harbouring illusions that their brand of spiritual practice is correct and superior to others.



Pluto is the ruler of the underworld and having recently been reclassified as a “minor planet” has not lessened his power. Pluto is deeply connected to the unconscious and the forces of planet earth. His power is akin to volcanoes and earthquakes over which we have no control. Pluto appearance in ones life brings with it the same unavoidable powerlessness that these disasters do. Pluto is the force that takes us deep into the underworld, exposing the often times painful truths we hide from ourselves. Our tools and skills are of no use in this realm.

Death is the ultimate manifestation of Plutonic power over which we have no defence. After plutonic periods such as mourning, depression or journeys through “dark night of the soul” we are left forever transformed. Pluto demands authenticity and truth; nothing less is left standing in Pluto’s wake.

Fig (Ficus carica) is an essence related to Plutonic issues. Of the many myth and ancient association of the Fig tree, one describes the wild fig tree as a gateway to the underworld. Pluto is himself the Lord of the underworld. Fig is an unusual essence for the fig tree doesn’t actually flower. Usually fruits grow out of the flower, but in the fig tree the flower grows inside the fruit, it is invisible from the outside.

The essence of fig will help bring to the surface blockages and fears that are held deep in the subconscious and bring to light that which is hidden. Insight into conscious and hidden fears allows us to overcome problems that would seem insurmountable. Fig is associated with memory and helps the conscious and unconscious minds communicate. Its greatest gift is that of revealing what is hidden and thereby empowering the individual.


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