Flower Essences related to the Sun signs

To pick one flower essence and give it an association with a particular planet or sign is difficult, yet certain plant families have common energy and these can be correlated to the general significance of planets or signs. Sometimes the colour, shape or common name of a flower gives us clues as to their harmonising affect.


For example the colour red is connected to feelings of anger to which Mars is closely aligned. Many of the flowers that deal with anger and other intense emotions are in fact red. Similarly yellow flowers often have an association with imbalances with the mental or thinking capacity, which is the principal domain of Mercury. The Lily (Lilium) families of flowers tend to be white or pastel coloured and are often highly scented. These flowers have an association with Venus, the archetypal symbol of woman and the essences made of these flowers address some aspect of the feminine principle.



The Sun


The Sun is a symbol for spirit, the life force and represents the light that gives vision to our life. The glyph for the Sun is a circle with a dot at its centre, symbolising the central position each individual inhabits in relation to the greater whole. The Sun symbolises the divine will that motivates us, the vital force that enlivens us and the heat that brings passion to our existence. The Sun encompasses all of our potential and represents our ability to shine and be noticed.


The Sun is a symbol of Father both spiritual and corporeal, and relates to our sense of self and our ego. It is what makes us an individual and at the same time connects us to the greater whole. The Sun provides us with those momentary glimpses of enlightenment that propel us out of our comfort zone into a greater sense of self.


When the Solar force is out of balance in our life, it can manifest as an over or under inflated ego. Pride and arrogance are the shadow side of the solar strength. Appropriately the Sun rules the sign of the lion, Leo, and groups of lions are called prides.


Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is the flower essence most closely related with the Sun. This plant’s association with the Sun is legendary and evident by its common name. Sitting atop a tall sturdy stem, its large yellow flower head follows the Sun in its daily motion across the sky. This essence addresses all issues of ego and helps to balance both the inflated or deflated sense of importance, which lead to low self-esteem or vanity.


Sunflower heals and balances distortions in our relationship to the masculine, the use of masculine energy and the expression of our individuality. Sunflower is a very good essence for any authority or father issues and is particularly good for those with issues of trying to live up to daddy’s expectations.


Sunsigns and their related flower essences


Though it maybe a misnomer to call anyone a Capricorn or a Leo for these are adjectives that describe rather then nouns that define, the inherent qualities of the 12 signs of the zodiac as manifested by the Sun tells us a lot about a person’s character and motivations. It is therefore no surprise that much of popular, modern astrology is based on the position of the Sun in the zodiac.


Being an Aries, Taurus or Libra means that you share some general characteristics with other people born under the same sign. Without denying the uniqueness of individuals we can identify certain traits that are common to all those born with their Sun in the same sign. The 12 signs can be further divided into 4 elements: fire, earth, air and water.


The elements have general dominion over different areas of life.

Fire is the element associated with spirit, as expressed through the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius is more concerned with individuality and the pursuit of individual quest with the ultimate aim of merging spirit with body.

The earth element has dominion over the physical world and as expressed through the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn is concerned with the practical application of skill and the responsibility of ensuring the needs of the body.

Air is the element related to the mind and our thinking capacity. As expressed through the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius it is concerned with connecting people, ideas and concepts in order to ensure the growth of community.

The realm of the emotions is associated with the water element and as expressed through the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces is concerned with emotional connection, security and honesty.


Sun in Aries


Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac is like the baby of the bunch and as such he has a charming naivety and fearlessness that is refreshing. Aries is the initiator of action and is related to the pioneering spirit that helps us to forge new ground. Being ruled by Mars, the planet of action Aries is bold, impetuous, impulsive, competitive, and courageous as well as quick tempered, intolerant with a tendency to insensitivity and social clumsiness.


Headstrong Aries will plunge into projects and situations without awareness or thought as to the possible consequences of doing so. Their thoughtlessness is unconscious and they often seem genuinely surprised by the reaction that their words or actions elicit. While their need for independence and excitement can alienate them from others, there is rarely malicious indent.


Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos manglesii) is the essence most suited to balancing the excesses of Aries energy. Growing in the hot, dry deserts of Australia, an environment reminiscent of the fiery qualities of Aries and Mars, these tough plants grow unusual and unique flowers, whose velvety texture contrast with their hard and spiky leaves.


This essence is great for those who are self-centred and socially “green”. Whilst there is no ill intent Kangaroo Paw people are clumsy in their interaction with others, because they are too focused on themselves and haven’t learnt to read to cues of those around them. They behave in an insensitive manner and with a lack of social grace that creates awkward situations, yet are often unaware of their role in creating these situations.


Kangaroo Paw helps to bring out people’s innate kindness and sensitivity to others. Not only allowing them to relax in social situation, but also allowing others to experience their velvety flower rather then the spiky leaf aspect.


Sun in Taurus


Taurus is the first of the earth signs and is very connected to our sensual life. He is slow, steady and has his feet firmly planted on the ground. He enjoys all the physical and material pleasures the world has to offer: food, sex, money and acquisitions. Being deeply rooted to earth the concept of routine and stability is crucial for Taurus and they generally find change very challenging.

Venus, the fertile love goddess, rules Taurus making him desirous of comfort, affection and beautiful things. Taurus has a sensual appreciation of beauty rather than an intellectual one. Taurus is patient, stable, dependable, loyal as well as greedy, materialistic, stubborn and self-indulgent.

Trillium (Trillium chloropetalum) is a great essence to help balance the excesses of Taurus energy. This flower grows in the moist, shaded ground of the North American forests, his phallic appearance as he emerges from the earth mirrors the primal energy and earth bound sensuousness of Taurus and his ruler Venus.

When the lower energy centers are out of balance a disproportionate amount of energy is directed towards personal welfare, wealth and power, Trillium essence helps to cleanse and balance these energy centers. This essence helps those who tend towards materialism and greed, feeling the need for possession in order to have security.

Trillium is good for those who are disconnected from their spiritual strength and seek to overcome their unconscious feelings of impotence by exercising social and material power. Trillium encourages a shift of awareness to a more transpersonal level and engendering a more healthy relation with the material and earthly realm.

Sun in Gemini


Mercury, messenger of the Gods, rules Gemini who is quick, witty, versatile and nimble. His connection to the air element makes Gemini involved in all levels of communication. His primary motivation is the sharing and exchange of ideas; his greatest skill is networking. No one can bring together people and ideas the way Gemini can. They are curious, adaptable, verbally expressive and clever, but they also suffer the tendency to being inconsistent, changeable, scheming and lacking concentration.

Gemini needs interaction, intellectual stimulation and variety, which can result in a superficial awareness of many things, but no deep knowledge of any one topic. Gemini may have a tendency to live too much in their head, using their intellect to rationalise their feelings and emotions to their detriment.

Shasta Daisy (Chrysanthemum maximum) is one of the best essences to harmonise common Gemini imbalances. The typical white and yellow daisy grows readily in all parts of the world, Its connection with variety loving Gemini is symbolised by the fact that though it appears as one complete flower its yellow center is actually made up of hundreds of small flowers. The multiple white petals are like the many different ideas and inspiration that Gemini so easily tap into.

Shasta Daisy is a great essence for those who are overly analytical and tend to see information as separate pieces rather then a whole. This essence allows for insights into the larger patterns encouraging a more wholistic thinking and living. Shasta Daisy helps balance the emotional and intellectual life.

Shasta Daisy will also help those who need to be able to bring together a myriad of bits of information into an integrated whole. It is also great for those who suffer from information overload or who can not get their heads around the task of synthesising many different ideas and concepts into a coherent whole.

Sun in Cancer


The Moon rules Cancer and this makes him emotionally sensitive. Like the crab that symbolises him, Cancer can hide behind a hard exterior shell in order to protect himself from the harsh reality of the world. Cancer is naturally maternal, nurturing, traditional and helpful, but when threatened can become touchy, manipulative, negative and fall into self-pity.

Because of Cancers close association with the Moon their basic well being is dependent on their connection to the lunar source: mother. The foundation of Cancer lies deep in the watery realm of the emotions, without a strong sense of emotional security and stability Cancer can become clingy and overly dependent. Unlike Aries who will rage when they should cry, Cancer will often cry when they should rage.

A very good essence for Cancer is the aptly called Milky Nipple Cactus (Mammillaria Gummifera). This cactus grows in the southwestern desert of the US, is shaped like a ball and is filled with a white milky sap. The common name of this plant tells the story; all mothering issues can be helped by this essence.

Milky Nipple Cactus is very good for those who never properly weaned from Mother, remaining dependent on others and being unable to care for themselves. They may experience the natural boundaries people put up as rejection and have difficulty in communicating emotionally charged issues, preferring to hide and not deal with them.

Milky Nipple Cactus essence brings about a sense of calm, nurturing and autonomy. It helps people to express emotions that have been repressed and heal at a deep level their sense of disconnection, promoting a sense of belonging. Milky Nipple Cactus essence helps people find the security in being human, allowing them to confidently care for themselves and be released from the oppressive sense of dependency.

Sun in Leo

Leo is ruled by the Sun and has long been associated with royalty and kingship and just like his symbol, the lion, he is the king of the zodiac, or so he would like to think. Leo is charismatic, strongly individualistic and proud. Leo needs to be noticed and applauded for without an appreciative audience the proud lion can turn into a lost kitten.

Wherever Leo goes, drama and excitement tend to follow. He has a strong need to express his individuality, to be playful, splash around colour and make life exciting. Leo is dramatic, optimistic, ambitious, generous and creative. But he can also be vain, childish, pretentious, need to be center stage and fear ridicule or rejection.

Illawarra Flame Tree (Brachychiton acerifolius) is a good essence for Leonic imbalances. Native of tropical northeastern Australia, this large tree has become a favorite garden specimen now grown throughout the world. Its bright red-orange flowers appear on its leafless branches in the spring, creating a dramatic vision that would make any Leo proud.

The Illawara Flame tree essence is especially good for those who feel left out or who are easily hurt when they perceive rejection, real or imagined. The rejection they feel from the outside eventually becomes self-rejection. Illawarra Flame tree people feel that without the approval or acknowledgement of others they are incapable of taking action.

Illawarra Flame Tree essence brings about a sense of strength, self-reliance, self-approval and confidence without the need for outside approval. It helps one to take responsibility especially when ones reluctance to do so is as a result of perceived or feared rejection by others.

Sun in Virgo


Virgo is the second Earth sign in the zodiac and is ruled by Mercury who is responsible for her reputation as a finicky, perfectionist obsessed with detail. This unfair reputation of Virgo has undermined her true strength of analytical and practical action in order to maintain health and the sacredness of physical life.

Virgo doesn’t just clean up the mess that Leo leaves behind; she is the keeper of the sacred vessel and the creator of sacred space. She is associated with health, healing and service. She is able to discriminate and sort through the details of life. Virgo is industrious, studious, discriminating, and methodical. Her negative expression sees her as critical, petty, pedantic, inflexible and obsessed with health, diet and disease.


Manzinita (Arctostaphylos viscida) is the perfect essence for Virgo excesses. This small white-pink flower shaped like a tight little bell grows in small bunches on medium size bushes that like to grow with Pine (whose essence is good for self-critics who are never satisfied with their performance). The Manzanita flower inclines its head towards the earth, pointing to the direction of her focus before making way to nutritious but unpalatable berries.

Manzanita essence helps to integrate the spiritual self with the physical world when the attitude towards physical life and health becomes too demanding of perfection. Manzanita people often have warped attitudes towards the physical body. They will often subject their bodies to grueling regimes of exercise and diet in order to cleanse their feelings of aversion, disgust and revulsion at their bodily functions.


Manzinita helps the individual soften their relationship with the physical world and redirect spiritual focus towards the body, so that once again it can be seen as the beautiful receptacle of spirit and temple to the soul.


Sun in Libra


Libra is the second sign under Venus’s rulership and she exhibits much of that planet’s aesthetic longing for beauty. One of Libra principle motivation is to be in relationship with others and she can be quite the social butterfly. She seeks harmony and is concerned with equality, justice and peace. Her balancing characteristic can sometimes see her rocking the boat in order to create a more authentic balance, but more often it is she who is overly affected by the opinion and ideas of others agreeing in order to keep the peace and avoid conflict.

Libra need to experience beauty and peace and to establish one to one relationships based on mutual respect and equality. Her sense of wellbeing is strongly tied to her environment and those with whom she comes into contact. Libra is co-operative, companionable, peace loving, refined and diplomatic, but she can also be fickle, indecisive, judgmental, hypocritical and easily deterred.


Rose Cone Flower (Isopogen formosus) is an essence that could help many of the Libran imbalances. This flower grows on a small bush in Western Australia and like most Australian natives it has adapted to survival in a harsh environment. While so many in its environment are red, it is a beautiful rose colour reflecting its Venus connection.

Rose Cone Flower essence allows us to create and to hold an inner place of stillness, peace and tranquility no matter what the outer circumstances maybe. It helps ease the mind at any time and in any place, not needing to have perfect surrounding in order to find inner equanimity. This is a helpful essence for those who are around a lot of people, and who become hassled, stressed and disturbed when there is a lack of peace in their environment.

Sun in Scorpio

Watery Scorpio is the intense shadow keeper of the zodiac. Traditionally ruled by Mars, he has in modern times been associated with Pluto, the lord of the underworld. Scorpio has the ability to probe deeply into matters and can act as a catalyst for growth, being associated with power, death and all matters of trust.

Scorpio is the most private and intimate of the signs and is capable of intense emotional depth and darkness. He does not love superficially and is strongly connected to the past. He is motivated, penetrating, determined and passionate but can also be vengeful, secretive, suspicious, jealous and intolerant. It must always be remembered that Scorpio reserves his worst sting for himself.

Cardon Cactus (Pachycereus pringlei) coming from a large tree like cactus, similar to the Saguaro Cactus, is a good remedy for Scorpio. This cactus stores large amounts of water in its body and has roots that extend for hundreds of feet in all direction. A night bloomer, who waits for the sun to set before revealing his exquisite white flower in the dark of night, reminiscent of the ever so private nature of Scorpio.

Cardon Cactus essence can help us to see and accept our shadow. The more we try to deny or hide from the darkness within the more likely it will come out at unexpected times in destructive ways, just like the sting of the scorpion. This essence helps us to face our inner darkness without having to identify with it. We are purified and released of the shame and feelings of inferiority that result in our judgement of the darkness within, allowing us to become more compassionate. Cardon Cactus unlocks deep strength and confidence and inspires us to see pain and weakness as strength, giving us the power to be human.

Sun in Sagittarius

The last of the Fire signs, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the bringer of good fortune. This is the philosopher of the zodiac. He is both preacher and teacher forever seeking truth and wisdom. Sagittarius wants to share his vision and knowledge with others and is connected with the spirit of the law. Generous by nature, he can tend towards excess. This is the sign most associated with religion, cult and new age philosophies.

Sagittarius is straightforward, philosophical, freedom loving, optimistic, athletic and enthusiastic. Expressed in the negative they can be impatient, argumentative, blunt, risk taker and well as have a tendency towards missionary zeal.

California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is the essence that would most help rebalance an off the rails Sagittarius. As the name implies this plant comes from the land famous for creating celluloid fantasies, embracing trends and giving birth to more hybrid spiritual practices then any other. Its bright orange flower faces up towards the Sun, gently folding its petal at the end of the day. Like Sagittarius it doesn’t want to know about the dark, it seeks only the light.

Californian Poppy people are enticed by the glamour of spiritual or psychic experiences. Seeking outside themselves they are attracted to a vast spectrum of external phenomenon; psychedelic drugs, charismatic teachers, occult ritual or popular spiritual practices. Their spiritual life lacks the discipline, making them susceptible to disharmonious influences. California Poppy helps one find spirituality within their heart and to develop their inner sense of knowing. This essence helps one develop a more solid inner life awakening the light within and enhancing self-reliance.

Sun in Capricorn

Capricorn is the last of the Earth signs and the first to be ruled by Saturn. Capricorn, the surefooted mountain goat, symbolises the patience and perseverance it takes to reach the top. They tend to be concerned by status and hold positions of responsibility in society. They are conservative and cautious preferring the conventions of traditions to the risk of the untried. Capricorn is the entrepreneur of the zodiac being the most likely to build an empire, yet they do not seek the limelight, the power they seek is behind the scenes.

Capricorn’s demand a lot of themselves and can be harsh critics of their performance. At their best they are hardworking, serious, reliable, faithful, traditional and economical, but their dark side shows them to be domineering, unforgiving, judgmental, inhibited and ruthlessly ambitious.

Elm (Ulmus procera) is a very good essence for Capricorn. This large deciduous tree native to the forest for Europe and America has a small unobtrusive almost negligible flower reminiscent of Capricorn’s lack of flamboyance.

The essence of Elm is the perfect remedy for those who take on so much responsibility that they feel overwhelmed by their duties. The task at hand becomes a crucible around their neck and they begin to judge themselves as unequal to job. Essence of Elm helps to turn this sense of incompetence into confidence in the ability to complete one’s task. In the long run Elm helps to promote faith in ones self and a joyous attitude to service.

Sun in Aquarius


Traditionally Aquarius was considered the day place of Saturn (Capricorn being his night place), but in recent times Aquarius has become linked to the erratic planet Uranus. The qualities of both planets are evident in Aquarius, for he is desirous of bringing people together in order to create functional communities and is also willing to demand change of the rules if needed. Libra maybe interested in personal one to one relationships, but Aquarius’s association with social movement sees him more focused on the relationship between the individual and the community.

There is something of the avant-garde with Aquarius, he will do things differently, and ideas excite him. Called the humanitarian of the zodiac he demands that we all reassess the status quo and fix what needs fixing. At his best Aquarius is altruistic, progressive, unique, scientific, independent, logical and intellectual but when his shadow reveals itself he is unpredictable, temperamental, radical, inflexible, impersonal and rebellious.

Quaking Grass (Briza maxima) would be one of the best essences to help with Aquarius issues. Like all grass they grow in massive groups, their weightless and drying flower heads appearing to shimmer or quake in the wind. This is an excellent essence to be taken by a group trying to achieve a goal. It works by harmonising all the individuals to the higher purpose of the group.

Quaking Grass helps one maintain a sense of individual identity within a group while bringing about harmonious social consciousness and flexibility. This essence will balance the individual so that they are neither too weak to contribute to the group nor too strong to dominate. It enables everyone to commit their gifts and talents to the group.

Sun in Pisces


The last sign Pisces encompasses the entire pantheon of the zodiac and his recent association with the planet Neptune has overshadowed his place in Jupiter’s sphere. Watery Pisces is the sign most related to sacrifice so profoundly illustrated in the story of the crucifixion. Pisces identifies with the collective and can be susceptible to feeling the pain and despair of the world. This is the sign of the mystic, the dreamer who seeks to transcend this world.

Pisces has been called the chameleon of the zodiac for his emotional sensitivity sees him take on the ideas and traits of those around him. At his best he is compassionate, creative, musical, dreamy, introspective and charitable, but his less constructive qualities are impractical, pessimistic, vague, escapist, prone to addiction and emotionally oversensitive.


White Spider Orchid (Caladenia patersonii) essence made from the tiny Australian native ground orchid, one of hundreds in its genus is a good essence for Pisces imbalances. In the same manner that this little ground orchid can go unnoticed, so too can Pisces people lose themselves in their endeavour to be of service. This can expose them to the pain and suffering of others.


White Spider Orchid essence allows one to bring love and caring into the darkest corners of the Universe without being devastated by the insensitivity and suffering of others. This essence helps those, whose sensitivity to the pain around them renders them unable to take positive action. It enables them to empathise with the suffering of others without being destroyed, this can be especially important for those who work in service to others. White Spider Orchid engenders a higher perspective on the purpose of pain and suffering in the journey of the soul.

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