Planets and Related Flower Essences

Mercury and Related Essences

 Mercury represents our ability to think, communicate and learn. Mercury is related to language and words and indicates how we form relationships to things and how we exchange ideas. He is related to how we acquire skills and learn. Mercury rules the rational part of the brain and through our ability to reason we gain the freedom to choose.


Mercury is related to Hermes the messenger of the gods and has the ability to travel into the underworld, the unconscious and bring up into the conscious light information and wisdom from within. Mercury guides us into the mysterious inner realms of the mind. He informs us through the thinking capacity, but it is important to remember that he is also the trickster. This aspect of Mercury is evident when logical arguments lead us astray.


A Mercurial imbalance occurs when the logic of the mind and the knowing of the heart are not working together. This can manifest as becoming lost in the details losing sight of the overall picture or becoming overwhelmed with the big picture and being unable to focus on the details. All difficulties with verbal communication have at their root Mercury: not being able to find the words or lots of words with no meaning, having your words misunderstood. Over or under intellectualising are both symptoms of Mercury out of balance.


Hibbertia (Hibbertia pendunculata), is a great essence to help the mercurial imbalance of head and heart separation. Its yellow heart shaped petals remind us to bring the heart into the intellect. This essence is especially recommended for those whose drive to acquire knowledge and improve themselves borders on fanaticism. They may read widely and learn a myriad of philosophies, but their focus on self-improvement is hindered because they are incapable of integrating what they learn. Hibbertia can help to bring the heart into the intellectual understanding engendering more acceptance and practical use of ones knowledge and limitations.


Other essences that can assist with Mercury imbalances are:

Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) will come to our rescue when we are so overwhelmed by our ideas that we cannot coordinate our speech to express them.

Madia (Madia elegans) for those who have difficulty in keeping focus, are unable to concentrate and are easily distracted, Madia essence brings about precise thinking and disciplined focus.

Isopogen (Isopogon anethifolius) is for those who live too much in their head and are dominated by their intellect. They may become very stubborn and controlling and have an inability to learn from past experience.

Brown Boronia (Boronia megastigma) essence frees the mind of obsessive worry, anxiety and repeating unpleasant thoughts that stop one from enjoying the moment. Frees one from constant thinking and brings about acceptance that solutions to life’s dilemmas will be found.


Venus and Related Essences 


After the Sun and Moon, Venus is the brightest and most beautiful light in the sky. Traditionally she was understood as a moist and warm planet that promoted growth and fertility. Venus is the embodiment of the feminine, balancing and harmonising function of the psyche. As one of the principle archetypes, she is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Venus is the lover who will not sacrifice herself for love, but rather enter into relationship through seduction to fulfill her own desire. In our astrological chart she stands for what we values and what is important to us, she is about what we want and desire.

Venus seeks to create beauty and harmony in the world and is associated with art, music and dance. She wants to conciliate, to unite and bring balance between opposites. She represents the urge to relate to another and defines how we are in relationship. It is through Venus that we come to know the pleasures of this world. She is about sensual, erotic desire and the artistic creative urge.

The dark side of Venus is sexual deviance or dysfunction, an inability to enjoy being loved or difficulty with intimacy. Venus imbalances are common in woman during times of transition: adolescence, pregnancy, after the birth of children and menopause. Self-esteem and self-obsession problems all stem from a lack of self-value, which can be directly attributed to Venus issues.

Easter lily (Lilium longiflorum) one of the most Venus essences comes from this beautiful white flower, long connected to the sacred feminine through her association with the Madonna. Easter lily is symbolically the pure white of the virgin mother. This essence will help with all imbalances of our sexual nature and inner conflicts regarding our sexuality. It helps both promiscuity and prudishness and helps relieve the tension that can occur between our sexual/physical desires and our spiritual aspirations.

Other essences that can aid with Venus issues are:

She Oak (Casuarina glauca) is another essence that has strong connections with the feminine encouraging a softening of the emotions and has been found to be particularly good for woman in menopause.

Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a particularly good essence for the confusion that so often arises out of feminine creativity and procreativity. The sense of ambivalence between the values of home versus career can often be resolved with Pomegranate.

Tiger Lily (Lilium humboldtii) for those who are overly aggressive and competitive having a hostile attitude. This essence helps bring in balanced feminine strength instilling co-operative service with others and extending feminine force into social situation. When there’s too much Mars and not enough Venus, think Tiger Lily.

Alpine Lily (Lilium parvum) helps women whose abstract sense of femininity is disembodied and alienated from their female body. Brings about an acceptance grounded in a deepened experience of their female body.


Mars and Related Essences


Mars is red hot and very dry, he is about focused and direct action. Mars is the ultimate masculine archetype, the warrior of the cosmos; he embodies courage, energy and fighting spirit. Mars carries the sword of discernment and in his purest manifestation he is the sacred warrior, righteous defender and protector of whatever needs protecting. Thinking is not Mars’s forte; he has little conscience and can behave like a brute. He is all action not complicated by emotion, opinions, morals or mindset.


Mars is pure energy with no judgement, attachment or thought. In many regards he is like a soldier enlisted to do the Sun’s fighting. When Mars is truly integrated and in balance there is no need for fighting, no need for arguments or conflict, but out of balance Mars will rage and attack.


True to Mars’s simple nature his shadow is the most easily recognised; anger, aggression and fury. Other signs of Mars out of balance are the inability to express angry, to assert oneself, to defend and fight for what is rightfully yours..


Mountain Devil (Lambertia formosa) is an essence that helps those who are incapable of expressing feelings of love because they are blacked by the lower emotions of jealousy, hatred and anger. They tend to be profoundly suspicious of others and their motives and will hold grudges. Mountain Devil helps these individuals to set healthy boundaries and express anger constructively. They can then develop an ability to forgive and learn to love unconditionally.


Other essences that can help with Mars issues are:


Mountain Pride (Penstemon newberryi) helps those who lack the ability to assert themselves and stand up for their convictions. Mountain Pride brings in the warrior energy that can be used to confront a situation and take a stand. This essence is about positive action and activity.

Mountain Mahogany (Cercopcarpus breviflorus) helps those who have become stuck in their development and who push to make things happen and believe that assertion means aggression, Mountain Mahogany helps one to accept direction from the sacred rather then from the ego.

Mountain Wormwood (Artemisia tilesii) for unresolved anger, resentment and the holding of grudges against those believed to have caused one hurt or pain. Such held in emotions erodes ones peace of mind. This essence encourages one to let their judgement dissolve and allow true forgiveness to enter their heart.


Jupiter and Related Essences

If it weren’t for the Sun, Jupiter would surely be the king of our cosmos. Everything about Jupiter is big and as the largest planet in our solar system he struts his stuff bringing new growth, good fortune and luck wherever he goes. In traditional astrology Jupiter was understood to be the great benefic, the God of fertility and rain and was said to bestow good fortune, riches and plentiful bounties on all who honored him.

Jupiter has long been associated with higher learning, philosophy and religion. He is keeper of the universal laws and sits in judgement, not condemning but rather as a compassionate spirit encouraging us onto the right choice. The rule of Jupiter is our conscience and moral stand. Jupiter can tempt us out of our limited everyday experience into the bigger more glamorous world of spirit through learning, knowledge, travel, dreams and prayer.

Jupiter is the eternal optimist of the chart and can lead us down unrealistic and foolhardy paths. The downside of Jupiter is over doing it. Jupiter has problems with emotional issues particularly those of a darker nature. We see the imbalance of Jupiter manifested in over the top happiness hiding unacknowledged depression, in reckless spending of non-existent money, in gluttonous over eating or the inability of accepting limitations leading to all types of addictions. Jupiter imbalances can conversely express themselves as an unwillingness to grow beyond the safe and familiar.

Oak (Quercus robur) is a good essence for one type of Jupiter imbalance, that of overdoing things. Oak people can be inflexible and have a cast iron will that stops them from knowing when to give up. This essence helps those who take on challenges in life and persevere through exhaustion, depression and discouragement with no complaint and a smile on their face. Life becomes a struggle and they lose the ideal with which they began. Oak helps one to balance their strengths and accept personal limitations allowing them to surrender when the going gets too tough.

Other essences for Jupiter imbalances are:

Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) For those whose cheerful exterior hides anxiety and the denial of emotional pain possibly leading to addictive behaviour. This essence allows one to work with their painful emotion and engenders emotional honesty.

Forsythia (Forsythia suspensa) helps motivate one towards transforming old, useless patterns of behaviour such as addiction, habits and thoughts.

Golden Waitsia (Waitsia aurea) is for contrary Jupiter imbalances, when one’s petty worries about details stops them from having a positive outlook. Golden Waitsia frees the mind from small perspective, allowing for a more expansive and adaptable attitude.

Saturn and Related Essences

As the most distant visible planet, Saturn up until the last few centuries, thought to be the outer limit or boundary of our solar system. Beyond him laid the divine realm of the fixed stars, he set the perimeters of our imperfect world. He was considered the greatest malefic in the cosmos and was portrayed as father time and the grim reaper. His extreme cold and dry nature restricted growth and life and was associated with endings, old age and death.

Saturn is the stern, hard taskmaster whose authority defines the reality of the material world. He is the judge and lawmaker who condemn all who transgress the man made laws of the land. He is connected to the continuum of time and generations and as such is related to our ancestry and the inheritance or karma that binds us. Boundaries of all types are under the rule of Saturn.

Fear emerges when Saturn has gone out of balance. Ultimately all fear has at its root the fear of death and death is one of Saturn’s roles, for he defines the limits of life: birth and death. When there are issues with authority or father you will find an out of balance Saturn.

Boab (Adansonia gregorii) is a powerful essence that works on Saturnian issues of inheritance. Found in the Kimberly regions of Australia the Boab tree stores water in its bloated body. It is common for the Boab to have younger trees growing around it in a circular pattern eventually merging to form one giant tree. Very large Boab trees were often hollow inside and used by whites as holding prison for aboriginal, illustrating one of Boab’s messages: racism, prejudice and the imprisoning effect of our inherited patterns.

Boab essence clears ancestral patterns that are passed on from generation to generation and deal specifically with the negative energy and core beliefs that are inherited from our forefathers. Boab allows us to gain wisdom from our inheritance with out becoming victim to its darkness.

Other essences that deal with Saturn issues are:

Saguaro Cactus (Cereus giganteus) is an essence that helps deal with any issue of power struggle with parental or authority figures. Brings about an awareness of the ancient wisdom and sacred knowledge of our elders and instill a respect for our lineage.

Menzies Banksia (Banksia menziesii) deals with the fear of pain and expectation of repeating painful experiences, which limits our ability to move forward. Clears the hesitation and pessimism that blocks joyful new beginnings.

Aspen (Populus tremula) helps with fear, anxiety and apprehension of the unknown, bringing about an inner trust and confidence to meet new circumstances. Aspen remedy is associated with feelings of guilt that have no logical reason for being.

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