The Collective Crisis of the Coming T-Square: A Time of Creative Possibility

One of astrology’s greatest gifts is providing an understanding of cycles and time, enabling us to reassure clients that tough times will pass and everything will begin to flourish again. All of us have experienced difficult times that are reflected by challenging personal astrological cycles. There have also been many difficult times in our history that have been reflected in the difficult astrological aspects current at the time. It is however important to remember that these astrological configurations do not cause the difficulties we experience, they merely reflect them.

We are currently experiencing such a time when the difficult planetary aspects in the sky are being mirrored in the political, social and financial events in our world. Some people are also being affected personally by these same aspects and are doing it tough. There is a general sense of fear, uncertainty, anger and anxiety about how it will all end. 

The T-square configuration of Saturn squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus, brings three of the most uncomfortable and powerful planetary energies together in difficult and harmful relationship. Uranus is associated with sudden, erratic, unexpected and at times shattering change. Pluto like its mineral namesake, plutonium, has come to be associated with great stores of uncontrollable energy, massive upheavals and transformation.  Traditionally Saturn was known as the Great Malefic; the planet of fear and grief.  It was understood to be very cold and dry, being the farthest (traditional) planet from the Sun, the giver of life and vital energy.

The pre-dominate quality of these three planets is dry. Dry quality separated things and caused them to become brittle and break apart, while the moist quality gave things flexibility and encouraged them to combine together. The overly dry nature pervading the world today is causing people to separate, isolating themselves from each other, hording for fear of lack, turning inwards and assuming a defensive attitude. But it also encourages us to redefine ourselves and to appreciate the smaller details of our lives. We are being forced to find new ways of being which can lead to an opening of our heart, a rediscovery of our creative core and resurgence of creativity in the world.

We can not consciously work with Uranus or Pluto as these are collective energies to which we can only surrender and accept that the changes they so painfully bring are for the better. But we can work with the energy of Saturn; we can call Saturn into our lifes.  In fact we need to make use of Saturn in order to manifest, to bring into physical reality our dreams and hopes. Saturn demands that we take responsibility and “get real”, for in order to live an abundant and creative life we need structure and foundations both coming under Saturn realm of influence.

It is often forgotten by modern astrologers that Saturn was the planet that brought tears and grief to mankind. The sorrow of being incarnated in the physical world and separated from our spiritual origins often underlies our discontent. When the familiar is taken away and our expectations are shattered we feel grief. The essence of Sturt Desert Pea (Clianthus formosus) is a powerful essence that works to help us let go of deeply held sadness, grief and pain. Often these emotions become frozen within the psyche to that point that there is no conscious awareness of them, but at times of crisis we can become overwhelmed by them.  Sturt Desert Pea can quickly thaw these emotions and bring them up, allowing tears to flow. Tears release moisture an antidote to dryness. Sturt Desert Pea essence helps us to release pain and sorrow as well as ease depression which is often the result of unacknowledged grief.  The interesting thing about this essence is that it sometimes works to release collective sorrow and grief that we have picked up from our environment.

When things are difficult there is a human tendency to find someone to blame. This can lead to hate and resentment which freezes the heart and separates us from love, the vital essence of life. The essence of Mountain Devil (Lambertia Formosa) is a great essence which helps to bring about unconditional love and forgiveness. Lack of love is expressed through jealousy, anger, suspicion and envy.   Any time there is a lack of love Mountain Devil is the essence to reach for. In difficult times there is a tendency for prejudices and racism to rear its ugly head. Slender Rice Flower (Pimelea linifolia) is a very good essence that helps to promote group harmony and opens us to perceive the divinity in all people, something that seems to be sorely missing in the world today.

Waratah (Telopea speciosissima) is an amazing and powerful essence that seems ready made for this time. It is made from a stunningly dramatic red flower. The Waratah flower essence is said to be for those who are going through “the dark night of the Soul” periods. It promotes courage, faith and tenacity in the face of momentous challenge. While it can be used in times of personal crisis, it is also perfect for times of collective crisis. In fact Ian White who is the creator of the Bush Essence range says in his book “Australian Bush Flower Essences” 1991 (page 166) of the Waratah essence:

Metaphysically, major spiritual, economic, social and physical changes are common at the end of an age, and the next is due around the year 2000. If those upheavals occur, literally millions of people will be taken by surprise, will have no understanding of what is happening and will quite likely find it difficult to cope. The Waratah essence will help them find their own faith and will give them the courage and strength to deal with those changes”

Waratah is an essence that does not need to be taken for long periods of time. It is a fast working and powerful catalyst for change.

Another essence that needs to be considered grows in the shape of a cross; an apt symbolic signature currently mirrored by the T-square of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Southern Cross (Xanthosia rotundifolia) an unusual and predominatly white flower is unique to Australia and is shaped like a cross. The cross is in itself a very powerful symbol representing manifested matter or Earth as well as being the principle symbol of the Christ, the light and is reminisent of “the cross we must bare”.

We are living through a period of time that feels extremely difficult as we stand at the crossroads (another cross) and big decisions need to be made, both as a whole and individually. It is easy during difficult times to blame others, be it goverments, institutions or individuals for the problems we face. The essence of Southern Cross helps to turn victim mentality and poverty consciousness into a sense of personal power and positivity thus we can take back our personal responsibility and stop blaming the world for our situation. 

Combining it with Australian Star of Bethlehem (Callectasia Cyanea) the essence that opens us up to creative solutions and new ways of thinking would be a great way of accessing the creative potential of this time. The old ways are clearly in need of an overhaul, but when we feel overwhelmed with insecurity and fear it is hard to imagine other paths. Star of Bethlehem (Australian) opens our minds to opportunity and brings new creativity and hope to whatever situation we find ourselves in.  Woolly Banksia (Banksia hookeriana) is another Australian essence which helps us to stay focused on new goals with a sense of optimism. It rekindles the desire to go after our dreams and live by our ideals despite the struggles and difficulties we encounter. It re-energises us to believe that we can succeed when we are feeling disheartened by circumstances.

Most of the essences mentioned here are powerful essences made from flowering Australian plants and in my experience these essences tend to work very quickly and less subltly than other essences. We are living through the crisis point of a collective cycle, which is affecting some far more personally than others. It is important to remember that time is simply a series of cycle and all cycles come full circle. Times may be difficult but nothing is permanent.

Flower essences can be used to rebalance collective as well as personal energy, because as we individually open our hearts to the possibilities of today we help others to do the same.By taking personal responsibility for our circumstances, letting go of blame, opening our hearts to love, our minds to the creative energy of these times and allowing ourselves to accept new ways of approaching life we will come out of this period stronger and wiser.   

Waratah, Southern Cross, Mountain Devil, Slender Rice Flower, Sturt Desert Pea are from the Bush Flower Essence range

Woolly Banksia, Star of Bethlehem (Australian) are from the Living Essence range

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