The Moon and Related Flower Essences

The Moon represents our past, it is that from which we have come. It is the unconscious feeling life that informs us from within, through dreams, memories, symbols, bodily sensations and emotions. The Moon relates to intuitive thinking and the non-rational part of the brain.


The Moon represents our instinctual nature and is the planet most closely connected to our physical body. The body as a container for the Soul is like the crescent Moon that combines the spirit with matter. The Moon exhorts a pull on us back into our past, into the familiar haunts of our childhood, filled with the smells, sights and tastes we associate with mother. The Moon seeks security, warmth and the nurturing hand of the great mother.


As a symbol for mother, the Moon connects us to our own nurturing capacity. How we give and receive love and affection is shown by the state of our astrological Moon. When the Moon is out of balance we experience insecurity and an inability to feel worthy of love. The lack of love in our life is manifested by overcompensation in the material realm either through the self-restriction or over indulgence in sensual pleasure. Eating disorders, materialistic obsession and body distortions are some common lunar imbalances.


Mariposa Lily (Calochortus leichtlinii) is one of the most lunar essences. Mariposa Lily grows out of the barren, rocky, mountainous terrain. Her shallow roots indicating the harsh beginnings and limitations from which she emerges. Though not a true member of the lily family, her name tells us that this flower relates to the feminine, specifically the feminine role of mother.

The Moon has often been called the great mother and Mariposa Lily is the ultimate mothering essence. Any issue around nurturing and mothering can be balanced with Mariposa Lily. This essence helps to repair the mothering bond in both mother and child and will help heal wounds associated with our experience of mother. The grief and trauma associated with the loss of either mother or child can be helped by the balancing qualities of Mariposa Lily.


Other essences that relate to Moon issues:

Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) for those who do not like being touched, are uncomfortable with intimacy and have trouble in creating and maintaining their personal boundaries.

Milkweed (Asclepias cordifolia) is an essence that helps those who are extremely dependent and desire to stay in a childlike emotional regression to become independent and self-reliant.

Goddess Grasstree (Kingia argenta) is for those who find it difficult to bring out their nurturing, compassionate side, use guilt to maintain control of other and will not allow them to develop independence. This essence helps to heal and bring out the feminine principle.

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