The Truth that Lies Within the Horary Chart

It is often said that horary works best when dealing with concrete and verifiable matters and as such is concerned with the trivialities of life. Anyone can learn the rules and techniques of horary, but it is only through consistent practice that the inexplicable correspondence between the will of the soul, the moment of asking and the celestial movements come to be revealed. It is then that a horary chart mirrors the depth and magic inherent in the most basic events of human life.

The simplest of inquiries can hide a complex web of relationships and meaning that the horary chart will reveal in plain sight to any with the eyes to see. Astrology generally and horary in particular makes the truth known; but few really want to know the truth, they are happier to be told that what they already believe, is the truth. The rigorousness and discipline of horary gives the astrologer an objective framework from which to work and with which the truth and richness of life and human experience is exposed.

Some charts defy rational explanation and prove the truth that lies at the heart of astrology. Here is such a chart:

“Will Adrian get the house?” Aug 14, 2008 at 3:50 pm, Melbourne

Adrian had been planning to renovate and move into a property he owned, but he was not really happy with its location. He had recently seen a property which would suit his needs quite well and situated in a neighbourhood he wanted to live in. The asking price seemed pretty low, but it was going to be sold at auction. He had all his financing is place and planned to bid at the auction on the following Saturday. I asked this question as Adrian had been in a long term relationship with my daughter which looked to be headed for marriage and this property could end up being her home.

The first thing to note is that the ASC has a very late degree rising which could mean that the matter is already settled and nothing about this matter can be altered by the judgement of this chart.  At the time I did not understand how this could be relevant but have later come to see this simple question in a different light.

On the surface this is a clear and simple buying and selling question. Adrian is not the querent so is signified by the 7th house and its ruler, the Moon. The seller would be the ASC and its ruler Saturn and the property itself would be signified by the IC and its ruler, Mars and the profit from this property would be signified by the MC and its ruler Venus.

The next applying aspect of the Moon is a trine to Mars; there are no impediments to this aspect and it is being received, as the Moon is in the sign of Mars’s exaltation. This is about the best scenario you can get. It goes without saying that he got the property. The profit to be had from the property would appear bad as Venus is in her fall and conjunct Saturn, but he did buy the place for a relatively low price.  Again I didn’t understand and thought something was wrong, but a different perspective would later make sense of this.

On further consideration, the lack of planets in the angles and all the main significators positioned in either cadent or the 8th house, gives reason for concern. Guido Bonatti’s 5th consideration tells us to “consider how many ways the Moon is ill affected…whereby hindrances and damage happen in all questions…”[1] Here the Moon is in the sign of her detriment as well as being peregrine, in the 12th house connected to Jupiter in the sign of its fall. After the Moon makes her aspect with Mars she will be VOC until she comes into orb of opposing the Sun, which is considered to be an affliction to her, especially as this opposition was in fact an eclipse of the Moon at 24 Aquarius, incidently opposite Adrian’s natal Sun at 23 Aquarius.

Major alarm bells are now ringing. The poor state of this Moon certainly reveals that the matter will be “hindered and damaged” and the stellium of planets in the 8th house of death is a further warning that all may not be so rosy. Further more the Moon also rules Adrian’s turned 12th house of self-undoing and makes a partile sextile to Uranus in the 3rd house opposite Mars.

As it turned out Adrian purchased the property for a low price in dollar terms, but the price in emotional terms was very high; he did not profit from this move and neither did my daughter. The relationship which had been at its peak, went downhill very soon after moving into this property and ended thereafter.

In this chart the Sun is conjunct the South Node and Adrian’s turned 2nd house hinting of the money worries this purchase engendered. Even the fact that Mars signified the property suggests strife. Adrian’s natal chart connects with this horary proving this to be a radical chart[2]. The Moon is conjunct his natal ASC and Mars is conjunct his natal North Node indicating the fated nature of this matter. The North Node and Neptune of this chart sit on Adrian’s natal 2nd house cusp, mirroring the money issues highlighted in the horary chart.

Though I asked this question with no conscious awareness of my concern for my daughter, her natal chart also connects strongly with this horary chart. Her natal Moon sits on this chart’s MC at 16 Libra, her natal Venus is on the degree of this chart’s Mars, and Saturn was on her 11th cusp, just beginning to put his heavy damper on her “hopes and wishes”.

My daughter, being Adrian’s partner would be signified in this horary by the ruler of the ASC, Saturn peregrine in the 8th house, of “mental anguish” symbolically depressing both her mind (Mercury) and her pleasures (Venus). She has since told me she felt lost, unsupported and suffered from depression during the first year in this property.

With the benefit of hindsight the 29 degrees on the ASC can be understood as indicating a crisis and a change of circumstance about to happen, but I did not see this at the time. After all, the question was simply about whether Adrian would get the property and the strong testimony that he would proved true. But behind this question was a desire to see Adrian and my daughter happy and secure; yet the testimony in this chart point to strife, depression and unhappiness for both.

Astrology never ceases to amaze and humble me. Far from being trivial, horary astrology is as deep and multi-layered as the world it reflects and reveals.


The antiscion degree of the Jupiter (3rd house ruler) of this chart was on my daughter’s natal Uranus. The antiscion degree of the North node (on the 2nd house of money) was on Adrian’s natal Uranus. The Antiscion degree of this chart’s Uranus falls on Adrian’s natal Mars.

When they broke up Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct at 27 degrees Pisces opposite Mars.

[1] (page 3-4) Guido Bonatti 146 Considerations,  from William Lilly The Astrologer’s Guide, first edited in 1778, reprinted by AFA 2005 from the 1953 edition.

[2] A radical chart is one deemed able to be judged. “Pertaining to the radix, or horoscope of birth, the root from which everything is judged.” Nicholas deVore Encyclopedia of Astrology, Astrology Classics 1947 (page 328)

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  1. Great article, Eve!

    • Thanks Todd!

  2. Great article!

  3. Hello Eve,

    Fascinating horary! One thing I’d like to ask: why did you put Adrian in the 7th house? As he was in a longterm relationship with your daughter I would have chosen the 11th (as 7th from the 5th) myself. Your delineation, however, was spot on, so your choice was obviously the right one. Anyway I’d like to hear your reason for choosing the 7th.

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Erna,

      Glad you like this horary, its a pretty amazing chart! I gave Adrian the 7th because at the time I asked the question I was just thinking of him as another person rather than as my daughter’s partner. I am finding that I am turning my chart less and less, keeping things simple seems to work best for me.
      Al-Kindi never turned charts, he let the ASC signify the question itself.

      Best wishes,
      Eve D

      • Hello Eve,

        Good point! I hate questions where you have to turn the chart a lot, so this is a very good rule. I think I’m going to follow your advice. Thank you!

        Best wishes,

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