Should I direct this film clip?

As a rule, I normally do not think that “should” questions are able to be answered with horary, but every once in a while I get a chart that is just so clear, the answer so obvious that it defies this “rule”.

The querent had recorded a song and wanted to get it released but was told that without a video clip this would never happen. He has been trying to get someone to “direct” the clip as he felt totally unqualified to do so himself, though he had lots of ideas about how he wanted it to look.

This chart shows the significators of the querent highly dignified and fortified, while the significator of others (7th ruler, Mercury) or employees (6th ruler, Sun) are both in bad zodiacal condition and in weak positions, giving us the answer.

The querent is signified by Lord of the ASC, Jupiter in Sagittarius is on the MC. Venus being on the ASC would also signify the querent. Both are dignified benefics and on the major angles clearly providing the answer; yes he should direct the clip. The Moon also in the 10th close to the MC and conjunct Jupiter, is about to sextile the Sun (Lord 6), and Venus sextile Mars ruler of the 2nd (the money) and 9th (the vision), on the 11th cusp. With the help of friends (11th house) and hiring others (Lord 6) the job will be done.

The sextile of the Moon and Sun can be understood asbringing the vision to light, as the Moon is ruler of the 5th house which could signify the creative project, especially relevant as the Moon’s last aspect was a sextile to Neptune (conjunct the Sun) and universal significator of film.

Mars being exalted the vision and the friends assisting will be of a good quality.

It is also interesting that the Nodes are conjunct the ASC/DES axis, showing a fated quality to this question. Having tried to find someone to direct this clip for quite a long time with no success; signified by the Sun (Lord 6) in detriment on the 12th cusp opposite Saturn in detriment retrograde, being let down by others promising one thing and not coming through. These others could also be signified by Lord 7 Mercury in Pisces and with Uranus in the 12th, very unreliable. Neither Sun nor Mercury engenders any sense of reliability and trust.

The querent did go on to direct the clip with the help of friends and others. The exalted state of both Venus (the querent) and Mars (the vision and friends) show us that the querent was not 100% comfortable doing this but he was capable. It was a successful project whichsaw his vision realised.

In fact you can check out the final result here.

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  1. Wonderful, fun film clip! So glad here reached out to you for assistance. I would like to get in touch about two things: 1) a death experience and it’s relationship to my natal chart, and 2) what I’m up to mixing the stars, sigil symbology, and co-creating one’s life story in art forms as a healing artist. Cheers, Valerie

    • Hi Val,
      What was you “death experience”? I am sure that there would be a connection with your natal chart as well as any derived charts (Solar Return, Progressed ects…).

      Eve D

      • Hi Eve,

        I was in Cusco, Peru traveling with a Eleanora Amendolara, a special healer/shaman/alchemist for whom I was writing a book. On my second day there, we were heading up a mountain for me to interview her at the Temple of the Waters when I suddenly lost lots of energy and couldn’t make it up to the temple. I returned to the motel and went to bed. Next thing I remember is being in “the tunnel” and standing face-to-face with my deceased mother, my maternal grandmother, and an entity in between them that was so incredibly bright that I couldn’t make out a form. I was so happy to see them and to be with them. I felt so light and ready. My mother spoke without moving her lips, consciousness-to-consciousness. I was told that I had to return to earth. I felt devastated that I had to return to earth because I felt so free. It felt like a jolt.

        Eleanora tells me that she came into my room that night to check on me and saw me outside of my body. She said I looked very peaceful and that all my chakras except the 1st one were closed. She helped me get back into my body. I don’t remember this at all. This happened on September 12, 2006 between 7pm to 8pm according to Eleanora. Amazing that my mother died on September 12 in 1979!

        Early the next morning, she checked on me. She called a friend who knew the clinic director in Cusco. He drove to the motel, took my oxygen level, and said I had to get to the hospital within 20 minutes. A normal oxygen level is in the low 90s: mine was in the 30’s. My lungs were full of fluid and it was dangerously close to going into my brain at which point I would be dead. I was put into an oxygen tank. I had not considered that I am anemic and can not be in high altitiudes (I was at 13,000 feet above sea level). The doctor said it was amazing that I am alive.

        I wonder if this was a “true” death experience as I don’t know if my heart ever stoppped before Eleanora came into the room and saw my spirit. She says my heart was beating and I was breathing. I wonder if it constitutes a new birth in some way. I feel very strongly that for some reason it is so. Original birth date is March 28, 1956, 9:09pm, Newark, NJ (Aries Sun, Scorpio Ascendent and Moon).

        Thanks for your interest Eve.

        Happy days! Val

  2. Oh yeah . . . I forgot to tell you that “the entity” filled my body with an enormous amount of light that evening. When I opened my eyes, Eleanora was standing next to me. Fun stuff. 😉

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