Where is Pukka?

Where is the cat?; a horary question that is almost cliche. Why do these loveable creatures seem to get into so much trouble? Maybe it is our love and dedication to them that is the real problem. In any case it is wonderful when a chart can alleviate the stress and worry of an owner.

The querent showed up at my house very distressed; she was making the rounds of all the neighbors looking for her cat, Pukka who she thought may have hidden in someone’s garden after an incident 2 days prior. Pukka had followed her to the milkbar (in Australia this is a small corner store) and as the cat followed her across the street she had been hit by a car. Pukka appeared to run under a parked car, but when the querent went looking for her, she had disappeared.

The Querent is the ASC in Aries and its ruler Mars, in fall in the 4th house but trining and receiving the Sun in the 8th. The querent was thinking the worse; her significator was in the house of the grave and trine a planet in the 8th house of death and “anguish of mind”.  However the applying and received trine of the Sun to Mars indicates that the querent will get some benefic and joyful light on the matter.  The Sun rules the 5th (of children and pleasure) and she spoke of Pukka as being her baby. She strongly feared for Pukka’s safety.

Pukka the cat is signified by Lord 6 Mercury and the Moon. Mercuryhas dignity by triplicity and term and has accidental strength being angular, not under the Sun’s beams and helped by being in a sextile aspect with Jupiter. Mercury was also conjunct the lucky star Spica; a fortunate omen!

The only debility that Mercury was experiencing was that it was very slow as it had only just gone direct; this would fit in well with a cat having just been injured and hiding away somewhere, probably sleeping and not being very active. As Mercury will slowly begin picking up speed this is another good indication that Pukka will improve not get worse.

The fact that  neither Mercury nor the Moon are applying to, or making an aspect to either Lord 8, Venus or the turned Lord 8 (the 8th from the 6th being the radical 1st) Mars, as well as the mutual reception between Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Libra show us that Pukka is still alive.

The Moon is on the cusp of the 6th, indicating Pukka is very close by, possibly somewhere behind her house. The Moon’s last aspect was to Saturn 2 degrees before indicates the incident with the car; which had occurred 2 days before. Saturn rules the turned 6th house, so this fits in well with the cat being hurt. The Moon’s next aspect is to Mars Lord ASC in 3 degrees, suggesting the cat will be back in 3 days.  And she was!

As to where Pukka was hiding, the evidence suggests that she was inside or under something, close to a dry and even ground, (L 4 Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Libra); maybe a garden shed (Moon with Saturn) that was old and abandoned. There was such a shed just behind the querent’s apartment block. The old woman who owned the property would not let her go into or near the shed as she feared it was unsafe and might collapse. It was an old wooden shed, grown over and totally abandoned; a perfect place in which a cat could hide and recuperate.

The important thing is that Pukka returned in three days as evidenced by the chart, she seemed to be fine though rather hungry. She was probably a bit shaken and sore by the encounter with the car and so hid away to sleep and heal.

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