Horary to the rescue…sort of


Will I find my wallet

On the last day of the UAC 2018 Chicago conference a young woman lost her wallet. As she was surrounded by astrologers many of whom are proficient in horary astrology it was only natural that a question was asked, a chart drawn up and judgements pronounced. The question was a simple one; will I get my wallet back but buried within was the implied concern about the contents of this wallet.

The planetary hour ruler was Jupiter, which had no connection with the Virgo ASC or its ruler Mercury. This indicates some difficulty in getting a definitive answer out of the chart or that the outcome of the question/issue would not be satisfying.

There were no obvious connections  between the horary chart and her natal chart (which she kindly shared with me);  however there were two powerful contacts with her current Solar Return chart and her current Lord for the year, Mars. The horary Mars is conjunct her Solar Return ASC and the SR Mars is conjunct the horary Moon. Both of these are within a degree. This is a question that is relevant to the immediate moment in time, but will not have lifelong repercussions.

The querent was signified by the ASC at 24 Virgo and its ruler Mercury, which at 29 degrees Taurus, is cadent, peregrine, under-the-sun’s beams and moving swiftly towards combustion. Being at the end of her synodic cycle Mercury signifies someone who is exhausted, at the end of her wits and has no power within the circumstances of the question.

The quesited, the lost wallet is signified by the 2nd house and its ruler Venus. Venus is elevated in the 10th house which at first glance looks to be a positive testimony for a quick recovery of the wallet. Venus has a bit if dignity by triplicity (I use Venus as diurnal ruler of the water triplicity), and is mutually applying to trine a retrograde Jupiter, who will receive Venus into his exaltation. However, looks can deceive and though Jupiter happily receives Venus, he is in Scorpio a sign harmful to Venus…so not so good. Venus is also out-of-bounds, symbolically a clear indication that the wallet is not where it is meant to be and is besieged in her opposition with Saturn and Pluto (the trine to Neptune adding more affliction).

When the significator of a lost object is in the angular 1st or 10th houses it indicates that the object is close to the querent and therefore more likely to be found. So, the wallet is likely to be found, but the afflictions to Venus tells us it will be harmed and so not returned in the state it was when lost.

The Moon is a general significator for lost object; and always provides testimony surrounding the question in general. Here it looks bad; though in her joy in the 3rd house, the Moon is cadent and afflicted by her opposition to the Sun and her recent sextile to the malefic Mars. Her next aspect will be to square Neptune, which will not help bring about any clarity on the matter; after which she will be Void of Course.

The Sun is afflicting both planetary significators for the querent; Mercury and Moon. He rules the 12th house, secret enemies and self-undoing. Indicating the possibility that the querent’s carelessness may have led to the loss of the wallet. Totally understandable within the context; the end of a long conference which included lots of interesting connection, conversations, laughter, learning, late nights and just maybe a bit of overindulgence!

There is no applying aspect forming between Mercury and Venus; or between Mercury and the Moon; and so no clear testimony of the wallet’s return. The only hope of the wallet being found are that both Venus and the Moon are with orb of aspecting the 2nd house cusp and the position of Venus in the 10th house. The Moon in the 3rd house of her joy may add some small hope.

Where might the wallet be? Venus and the ruler of the 4th house, Jupiter (signifying where the lost object lays) both being in a water sign, suggested that the wallet was left in a place where there is water such as a washroom, kitchens, garden. Washroom was the most obvious and logical considering the circumstances and environment of the loss. We suggested she check any washrooms that she may have gone into. She did and reported…nothing there.

Jupiter is lord of the 7th and peregrine, so could suggest a thief. However, theft (and thieves) are an active and purposeful, so we would be looking for an angular planet, more specifically a peregrine Mars or Mercury. We would also expect to see a separating aspect with the significator of the object (or the Moon) and that of the thief. Here Venus and Jupiter are applying to aspect indicating a future contact. So, it is unlikely that the wallet was stolen. Jupiter signify another person who will find and pick up the wallet. Remember that Jupiter is retrograde, peregrine and in a sign harmful to Venus. Could the temptation of a wallet full of money have been too hard to resist? Obviously so. Whoever found the wallet (Jupiter) may have taken the money, especially considering the state of their money, signified by the 8th house and its ruler peregrine conjunct South Node. {Note that Jupiter is in Scorpio and so disposited by Mars… Their money or lack thereof is very much their focus and concern}

We will never know for sure as the lack of planetary hour accord indicated no clear resolution to this issue/question.

Not long afterwards she was called and told that someone had returned the wallet, but it’s all important content, the money was missing. She had also already cancelled her credit/debit cards and so the return of the empty wallet was not a satisfactory end to the affair. The chart clearly shows that the wallet was close (10th house), but damaged. Horary astrology is pretty amazing!

Interesting to note that the poor girl expressed how angry she was about the whole affair. Remember what was being activated in her Solar Return? If she was my client I would suggest exploring Mars (and the 4th house) in her chart, but that is for another time.

I would like to thank Marco Patchett and Nate Craddock for their input into the judgement of this chart and pleasant company throughout the event.

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  1. […] a delineation, and Marcos Patchett and Nate Craddock provided a second and third pair of eyes. Click Here for Eve’s official write-up of the delineation that was provided at the time I lost my […]

  2. Thank-you Eve for your delineation both then and now! Sometimes just knowing, even if it’s not what you want, is what you need. I’ve let my anger and money go now. I’m happy to have had the chance to meet you, Marco and Nate because of it. 🙂

  3. Great article! Why explore 4th house along with Mars?

    • The reason was because the querent was is a 4th house profected year and Mars is the Lord of the year.

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